Diving into the Void

Written by Anachron on 2018-08-24

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  1. The WM, StatusBar, Shell and Editor
    1. Window-Manager
    2. Status-Bar
    3. Shell
    4. Editor
  2. IRC, Mail, Browsing and Gaming
    1. IRC
    2. Mail
    3. Browsing
  3. Media and Folders

The WM, StatusBar, Shell and Editor


After fiddling around with i3wm, bspwm and wmutils I've now come to my new favorite WM: cwm.

cwm is not only portable and very well written but also very fast. It allows you to use the mouse and keyboard for window moving/resizing/selecting and can be configured via a rc-file.

In my personal testing and daily working with the WM I've come to the conclusion that cwm is what I've always wanted. cwm supports window groups, easy key binding, reloading via HUP signal and very fast execution whatever you command.

Example Screenshot


I've come to the conclusion that the less you clutter your statusbar with, the more productive you are. This concept you can also find in my $SHELL, $EDITOR and $IRC setups respectively.

For my statusbar I use lemonbar. I've written a ton of scripts to monitor important system events/statistics. Whenever something urgent is up, my lemonbar will display a symbol on the desktop indicating something being urgent. Normally when nothing is up my statusbar is empty.


I'm still on bash but rewrote most of my scripts to be posix compatible. mksh is my destination, will need a bit more testing though.

My $SHELL-prompt tries to be both minimal and functional. The prompt will show me:

When the prompt gets too long (>= 30 chars) the user input will be asked in a new line.

The following image contains a few examples of my shell prompt.



My default $EDITOR is vim and I haven't customized it much. Since I am learning rust I have installed RLS (Rust Language Server) and that's it.


IRC, Mail, Browsing and Gaming


I am using self-written wrappers around ii. The setup includes a read-panel, write-panel and nicklist. Bound together by tmux.



Totally digging the mimalism, I've come to setup my mail as the following:

I've written some custom script for a mail browser based on fzf.



I'm boring and until qutebrowser has plugins I will stick to firefox.

Media and Folders

I'm playing music or videos via mpv. The best player there is. Streams and alike are also viewable through it.

I have the following directory tree:

├── app
├── bin
├── usr
├── vos
└── vrt

5 directories, 0 files 

App contains all the cnf (configs), dat (data) and log (logs). For everything that needs to be secure and cannot reside in cnf (like ssh-keys, passwords, API-keys, etc), there is sec (secure).

├── cnf
├── dat
├── log
└── sec

4 directories, 0 files

Inside the usr (user-related) folder are:

├── cal
├── crd
├── doc
├── dsk
├── irc
├── med
├── mls
├── prj
├── pub
└── tmp

10 directories

cal (calendars), crd (cards), doc (documents), dsk (desktop), irc (irc-data), med (media likes aud (audio), img (images) etc), mls (mails), prj (projects), pub (public files) and tmp (temporary files like dls (downloads))